Global Search and Replace(TM)

Version 2.2 Features Include:

  • Regular Expression searches and replace
  • Multi-Line search and replace
  • Match Case searches
  • Saved Search Criteria
  • FREE updates for 2 years from time of purchase.
  • More Features...

Live Support by OCC

Global Search And ReplaceTM is a powerful little program designed to traverse directories, in search of files matching the criteria. To begin using Global Search and ReplaceTM follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter a start path or select one from the browse directories button (...)
  2. Determine if you wish to search the sub directories or not
  3. Enter a File Mask. File masks should be enter in *.ext format. Multiple file masks should be separated by a pipe "|". (Example: *.txt or *.txt|*.csv)
  4. Enter the search text or regular expression
  5. If you wanting to do a replace, then complete the Replace With field. Note: Only activated copies are unlocked to do replacing.
  6. Check the Regular Expressions Search/Replace if your search text is a regular expression
  7. Match Case will limit your searches to exact case matches only.
  8. Press either the Search or Replace buttons

Caution: When performing a search and replace make sure it is exactly what you want to do. All replacements are executed quickly and permanently. There is no un-do.

Click Here to view screen shots of the application. To download an evaluation copy click on one of the graphics in the Download section of the web site (you will be taken off-site to a partner website).

To upgrade your evaluation copy to a full copy you have 3 choices. Free through Trialpay, or $19.95 through either PayPal or Goggle Checkout. Once you've received the email containing your serial number, you will be able to activate the application. Activation is require to perform replacements.

Recent Testimonies

"...This tool works great and does exactly what I want it to do, very quickly, I might add. Thanks for great tech support and a great tool."  John S.

"Thanks. You have a fantastic product."  Leo H.

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